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Events screen

Understanding the Events screen in Xumm
The Events option in Xumm is used to display historical information about your XRP Ledger account.

How to find it

The Events button is one of the main five buttons on the Xumm home screen. Simply tap the Events button to access this feature.

How it looks

The All tab displays the historical events for your XRPL account.
This tab shows the most recent 1000 transactions that were written to the XRP Ledger.
The Planned tab displays future events which may happen on the XRP Ledger. In the screenshot below we can see a DEX offer which is waiting to be filled on the XRPL DEX, an open offer to sell an NFT and an open Xumm Support ticket which is waiting for a reply.
The Requests tab displays sign requests such payment requests and NFT offers. In the image below we can see several offers that have been received for NFTs
We understand that you might have additional questions regarding this topic so you are welcome to contact us any time via the Xumm Support xApp in Xumm or you can simply scan this QR code with Xumm and be directed there automatically.